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  • 05.04.2013.

1. Intro

By accessing and/or using the website of Ledo the user confirms to have read, understood and accepted the Non-disclosure terms and the ways to use the Ledo website. If the user does not agree, he should refrain from using the website, should leave and not access and/or use the website of Ledo.

2. Amendments

Ledo is authorized to amend the Non-disclosure statement at any time by publishing the amended text of the statement on the website of Ledo. The amendments shall become effective immediately after their publication on the website. Any use of the website by the end user after such publication shall be considered as acceptance.

The user shall periodically re-read the Non-disclosure statement to learn about any changes. If the user uses the website after the Non-disclosure statement has been amended, it shall be presumed that he has learned, understood and fully accepted the amendments. Liability for any damage caused to users, registered users or third parties due to such amendments shall be excluded.

3. Data type and use

Ledo collects personal information that identifies the users of the website. When a user joins in activities on the Ledo website, such as opening a user account, newsletter subscription, publishing content and/or contributions in forums, participating in competitions organized by Ledo, surveys, publishing comments, sending feedback to Ledo, seeking information about Ledo products, uploading videos, Ledo may ask the user to provide particular information about himself. The user shall not be obliged to join in the mentioned activities. If the user chooses to join in, Ledo shall be authorized to request his personal information: name, address (including ZIP code), e-mail, telephone number, date of birth and a photograph.

Ledo shall be authorized to use the personal information of the User to offer you products and services, organize competitions, improve the functioning of the website, enhance the advertising and promotional efforts, analyse the use of the website, improve the offer of Ledo products and services and inquire about your experience with third parties. Ledo shall be explicitly authorised to use the comments of the users to notify other users of products. Such a comment may be published in Ledo advertising materials on the website. Moreover, if you use the website of Ledo to send information or products to others, Ledo shall be authorized to store the personal information of the user and the receiver. Ledo shall be authorized to use the personal information of the user to solve problems, carry out administrative tasks, establish contacts, honour contracts including the Terms of Use and the Non-disclosure statement for the Ledo website, abiding by the relevant laws and cooperating with law enforcement agencies.

Ledo shall be authorized to collect information that does not identify a specific end user, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website the user visited prior to opening the website of Ledo, the URL of the website that the user visited after leaving the website of Ledo, the type of browser the user is using and user's Internet Protocol (IP) address. Authorized service providers and advertisers may automatically collect this information on visiting the Ledo website, by means of „cookies" and other tools. Ledo shall use such information solely to solve problems, administer the website, analyse trends, collect demographic data, analyse the conformity with the relevant legislation and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Depending on the types of activities, some information shall be required and some shall be optional. If the User does not provide the required information for an activity, he shall not be allowed to join in the activity. Ledo shall not collect the following personal information through its website: name, address, telephone number or online address of the user, unless the user voluntarily submits it, registers with Ledo or does that through a survey, consent and/or if this is permitted by the relevant laws and regulations concerning personal data protection.

4. Disclosing personal information

Ledo shall not share personal identification information with other parties, but it may share the information about users with the affiliated companies of the concern to which Ledo belongs.

Ledo shall provide specific services and products through third parties. Third-party service providers shall carry out specific activities in the name and for the account of Ledo, such as sending and distributing administrative and promotional e-mail messages of Ledo. Ledo may share the personal information of the user with such service providers to place orders, deliver packages, send mail and e-mail, administrate competitions, remove duplicate information in customer lists, analyse data, provide advertising services, secure the results of search and connect, process credit card payments, manage the website, solve problems and provide user services.

Ledo shall be authorized to disclose information about the user to protect Ledo and others. Ledo shall be authorised to disclose personal identification information of the User when it is reasonable to expect that its disclosure will help enforce the law or when it is necessary as a consequence of a court order, and ensure compliance with this Non-disclosure statement, Terms of Use of our website and other contracts; or to protect the ownership rights for this website, its users or other persons.

If the user does not want his personal information to be used in support of the customer relations (in particular for direct marketing or market research), Ledo shall respect the user's choice. Ledo shall not sell or market personal identification information to third parties, except the associated companies of Ledo.

5. Amendments

The user shall be authorised to change any piece of the personal information by sending an e-mail or changing the user profile. In the e-mail the user shall state his name, address and e-mail, and what information he would like to amend. The user may also request deleting or removing information about his user account at any time. The user shall be familiar with the fact that Ledo cannot delete the information related to the past transactions on the Ledo website.

6. User choice

The user cannot cancel receiving administrator e-mail messages related to the user activity on the website, including the messages in connection with specific user accounts, requests or queries concerning the purchase of products and services. The user shall have the opportunity to request promotional e-mail messages that advertise Ledo products, including special sales and other offers, and/or products and services of affiliated companies. Ledo shall send promotional e-mail messages to registered Users who opt to receive promotional messages. If the user does not want to receive promotional e-mails, he can choose the option to cancel receiving promotional e-mail messages at any time. In case of contact, the user shall state his name, address and e-mail address, and what type of promotional e-mails he does not want to receive any longer.

7. Data protection

For the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or change, and from unauthorised disclosure or access, Ledo shall undertake technical and organisational security measures.

The user may access personal information on the Ledo website with a password and an e-mail address. The user is recommended not to disclose his password to third parties. The user is familiar with the fact that no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be 100% secure. Although Ledo is carrying out commercially reasonable data protection measures, it cannot guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from our website, and shall not be liable for the proceeding of any third party that receives such information.

8. Monitoring

Ledo shall be authorised to store „cookies" on your computer that contain information about the user and are used to save time for the user when using the Ledo website, to monitor and direct the user's interests with a view to providing services that are tailored to every particular user. „Cookies" shall also collect non-personal information of the user. Ledo shall use third-party advertising agencies to advertise on the Ledo website. As part of their service the third-party agencies may store separate „cookies" on your computer, to which Ledo has no access or control. The user may set up his browser so as to reject the „cookies", in which case some parts of the Ledo website may not run correctly. Ledo may also use other standard technologies to monitor the use of the website and promotions, and it may allow third-party service providers to use this method on behalf of Ledo.

9. Non-disclosure concerning third-party websites

This Non-disclosure statement shall only apply to the use and publication of the information collected by Ledo from users. Other websites that can be accessed through the Ledo website have their own statements on collecting and non-disclosing information and the ways to use their websites and publish content on them. Ledo shall not be liable for the methods and modes of operation of third parties.

10. Minors

Minors may only and exclusively participate in promotional activities with the consent of their parents, custodians or guardians. Ledo shall not intentionally collect or retain the information/personal data of children under 14 without insisting on having the consent of the parents, if required so by the relevant law. Ledo shall only use or publish personal information of a child if this is permitted by law, with the consent of the parents according to the local laws or regulations, to protect the child.

11. Effectiveness

This statement shall be effective from 1 September 2012 to its revocation by Ledo.

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